Why CSI?

Why use Corner Stone?Foto W8 op BWIM

With Corner Stone International you benefit from more than 20 years international experience in Weigh-In-Motion. This includes experience in working with different users and applications of WIM systems, like:

  • Statistics on traffic and pavement loading for Ministries or Departments of Transport;
  • Weight enforcement for Traffic Police or Transport Inspectorates and;
  • Tolling by weight for Private Operators or Concessionaires of toll roads.

Over the years CSI has worked and cooperated with many different WIM manufacturers in order to remain independent. At the same time acquiring experience with different technologies of Weigh-In-Motion, like:

  • WIM systems for both low speed and high speed conditions and;
  • Permanent Road-WIM systems and Bridge-WIM for short term measurements and;
  • WIM sensors, like wheel scales, plates, strips sensors and bridge WIM.

Corner Stone will help you to find the best match between your needs and what is offered by the different manufacturers and technologies. Corner Stone’s combination of extensive experience and independency in WIM will help you to find the best WIM system for your needs, optimize the use of WIM data for your applications and maximize the return on your investment in WIM.

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