What is the best Weigh-In-Motion system?vrachtwagen die sporen in asfalt rijdt

This a question often asked by new users of Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems. And it is understandable since there are many different WIM systems available, based on different technologies, offered by different vendors and with different characteristics. Unfortunately it is impossible to answer such a question – even with more than 25 years in WIM – without knowing more about:

  • What is the objective? What problem will be solved by using WIM data, what will be the benefits and savings from implementing WIM and what will the costs of the operation?
  • What is your application? How will the WIM data be used, who is going to use the data and what should be the quality of the WIM data? This will determine the user requirements for accuracy, reliability, availability and durability;
  • Where will the WIM systems be installed? What are the conditions on these WIM sites including; the characteristics of the road pavement( type, smoothness, deflexion), the traffic flow (number, types and distrinution of vehicles) and the environmental conditions (such as the ranges for temperature and humidity)

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