What can Corner Stone do for you?Weegpunt origineel

Corner Stone can give you a realistic overview of what to expect when using WIM systems:

  • What performance may be expected of a WIM system under your specific conditions (roads, pavement, traffic, temperature, etc.) in terms of accuracy, reliability and durability;
  • What is involved in the implementation of a WIM system, including: site selection, system requirements, system design, installation and test procedures;
  • What activities are required during the operation of a WIM system, this includes: maintenance, calibration and data quality management.

Corner Stone can assist you through:

  • Dedicated training for you and/or your customer to get an overview of the applications and advantages of using WIM;
  • Preparation of a business case supporting the investment in WIM for your situation;
  • Specifying and selecting the right WIM system for your application under your conditions;
  • Assistance in the preparation of tender documents and evaluation of offers;
  • Site selection, selecting the best location to install a WIM;
  • Supervision of system and sensor installation, to prevent possible errors;
  • Consultancy on how to set up a data quality management system for your WIM systems;
  • Mediation in case of a dispute on the performance of a WIM system between the user/buyer and the vendor.

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